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How to Apply



The Shapira Foundation operates on an annual grant cycle. If you believe your organization's project or program meets our guidelines, we invite you to submit a Letter of Inquiry as follows.  The deadline to submit your request letter is June 30th of the current calendar year.


The first step in the application process is to submit a 1- 2 page letter that describes the following:

  • Your organization and its experience in the field.
  • What you propose to do, why the project is needed, who will be served, and how your project or program relates to our areas of emphasis.
  • The amount of the grant request, how the funds would be used, the amount of the total project or program budget.
  • Please DO NOT submit a full Grant Application until we have invited you to do so. We will evaluate your Letter of Inquiry and will inform you whether or not your project or program appears to meet our guidelines or interests, at that point we will provide you a link to our online Grant Application page.   

If we approve your letter of inquiry, the second step in the application process will be to submit a more detailed application for consideration. We will provide you with a link to our online application page. We may also request a site visit or interview during the application process. Please note that eligibility for further consideration does not assure approval of your proposal. Funding decisions are made on an annual grant cycle.


If we approve your Full Grant Application, the third & final step in the application process is to sign and return our Grant Agreement. We will provide you with a Grant Agreement Form to complete. Once we have received your completed Grant Agreement and all other requirements have been fulfilled, we will proceed with the funding process.

Letter of inquiry & Application